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big experiment day tomorrow, so of course, like any normal person i've gone to bed at a reasonable hour.
except oh wait no, i'm a crazy fool and it's nearly 1am. well, at least i didn't wake up at 5am this morning in order to catch my flight back to Montréal.
except oh wait no, that's exactly what i did and had to sit squished in the middle between a very excited child and a man who blatantly stole my elbow rest. well, at least i'm not feeling somewhat under the weather.
except oh...wait...no, my sister managed to infect me with her cold while i was visiting the parentals, so in addition to the usual constant state of being frozen both indoors and out, my throat hates me and i'm congested.
boo hiss.
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okay, so last season of spn - issues, i has them. i.e. how we treat a lady, how we treat poc, how we build a story that MAKES NARRATIVE SENSE!!!
however, one of my work friends is currently getting to the end of season five and quite liking it, and about to start season six and i...am not. somehow, after the end of last season, despite my deep deep love for sam and dean and cas i'm just done.
probably at some point i'll find myself sucked back in, but for the moment, i'd much rather focus on how awesomely awesome olivia is on fringe.
sorry spn, but good luck, okay?
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this week as a short play:

monday: woo, interesting results!
rest of week: i spit in your face! results all over the place.

the end
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all my sciencing today was crap. no good results, and my theoretically troubleshot protocol gave me worse results than the previous one.
also, i can't seem to force myself to get to bed at a reasonable hour. every evening i come home, swearing up and down that tonight, 10pm, lights out. and then with one thing and another it's quarter to midnight and i'm still not showered much less pajama clad, and gripped by an unignorable urge to vacuum, or clean the tub, or finally finally fold and put away the laundry that's been hanging dry in my living room for a week. and so of course the next day i'm an exhaustion zombie, and swear even harder that reasonable bedtimes will be achieved, only to have it all turn to ashes at midnight. seriously, i need someone to come over to my house every evening and forcibly put me to bed. why do i only ever seem to want to do chores in the middle of the night? seriously, morning me HATES evening me so, so much. if only i could switch them: all morning me wants to do is sleep, while all evening me wants to do is futz around on the internet and, apparently, clean. man, if i could bottle self-sabotage (and other people for some reason wanted to buy it) i'd never have to work again.
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if you go out with a crowd of rogues, drink an inadvisable amount and stay out to an unconscionable hour, DO please drink a large glass of water before bed. DO NOT fall asleep midway holding that mostly full glass of water and tip it all over yourself and your bed.
just fyi.
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did my volunteer bike deliveries today; about ten minutes in it started to bucket down rain in a serious, ladies and gentlemen start building your arks, sort of way. i was soaked down to my skin within the first three or so minutes. on the one hand, at least i wasn't dying of heat-stroke like last week, and after a few minutes it's not like i could be an more drenched. on the other hand, i think my clothes gained ten pounds in water, and it's not my ideal to have rain water that's washed the roads pouring down my back, and also everyone starts driving like they fell on their heads before they got in the car. ah well, i'm home, showered, mostly dry, and not run over. i'm a creature of simple pleasures after all...
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spending a lot of time lately listening to audiobooks. seems like there's nothing better than finding a sunny patch and listening to somebody reading me stories until i drifting off a bit for a little nap.
the sheer irony is that when i was in daycare, when we had story and nap time, i was that kid vibrating on the cot, kicking off the blankets, singing made up songs, and generally being a horrible distraction to the good kids trying to get their nap on. ah, memories...
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i hate giving presentations.
i get nervous, and flaily, and flustered, and lose track of what i'm saying and feel like a fool.
ugh. and it's not like it's only my project that i've spent the last three years of my life on or anything, and am pretty much an expert on or anything.
one day i will be well adjusted, i swear.
on the plus side, conference = sort of vacation and half an hour more sleep than usual...if i can fall asleep tonight. at least i'm on the first day, which means i can enjoy the dinner tomorrow night stressfree.
back to the salt mines.
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i am queen of the bicycle!!!
cycled home from work this afternoon; 40k in about 2hrs. i am well pleased. also, people who open their doors into traffic without first looking? first up against the wall when the revolution comes.
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the weather, she is warm.
today was the first day i left for work wearing no scarf, hat, sweater, jacket, socks, or gloves (obviously, i haven't been wearing the whole shebang everyday since winter started to wane, but elements have always been present).
i'm finally not cold for more-or-less the first time since last september. wooo!
i'm too warm!
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so visiting the family this weekend; it's just been about three conversations, over and over. that dog is dead people, for the love of all that's holy, stop beating it.
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so watching the opening on an episode of "fringe" where we meet a bike courier. first though? no biker worth their salt would lock up on a bench (because it's a good way to get your lock cut and/or your bike vandalised) and also, would not lock just the frame, rather than the front wheel also (because it's a good way to get your front wheel theifed). second thought? CPR on an adult is 15 compressions to 2 breaths (the guy in the tv is doing 5 to 1, which is child CPR), and also, he stops after only two cycles - weak dude, weak.

is this why other people do not like to watch things with me and call me a know-it-all? perhaps, but if it's wrong to yell at the fictional people for getting things wrong, than baby, i don't want to be right.
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it's sunny and warm, today.
yesterday, when i had to do meals-on-wheels bike delivery it was pissing rain.
but today it is sunny and warm.
thanks for that. really, thanks.
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conference today; lots of clever people talking science.
fellow presenting about the production of spider silk was asked, in all seriousness, about the physical possibility of spider-man's webslinging as a means of transportation.
damn but i love me some nerds.
to remember: a 4cm diameter thick cord of spider silk is strong enough to hold a 747.
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we come into the world bloody and crying.
i have emerged onto dreamwidth congested and miserable.
ahh, navel-gazing symmetry. :)


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