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okay, so last season of spn - issues, i has them. i.e. how we treat a lady, how we treat poc, how we build a story that MAKES NARRATIVE SENSE!!!
however, one of my work friends is currently getting to the end of season five and quite liking it, and about to start season six and i...am not. somehow, after the end of last season, despite my deep deep love for sam and dean and cas i'm just done.
probably at some point i'll find myself sucked back in, but for the moment, i'd much rather focus on how awesomely awesome olivia is on fringe.
sorry spn, but good luck, okay?
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spending a lot of time lately listening to audiobooks. seems like there's nothing better than finding a sunny patch and listening to somebody reading me stories until i drifting off a bit for a little nap.
the sheer irony is that when i was in daycare, when we had story and nap time, i was that kid vibrating on the cot, kicking off the blankets, singing made up songs, and generally being a horrible distraction to the good kids trying to get their nap on. ah, memories...