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all my sciencing today was crap. no good results, and my theoretically troubleshot protocol gave me worse results than the previous one.
also, i can't seem to force myself to get to bed at a reasonable hour. every evening i come home, swearing up and down that tonight, 10pm, lights out. and then with one thing and another it's quarter to midnight and i'm still not showered much less pajama clad, and gripped by an unignorable urge to vacuum, or clean the tub, or finally finally fold and put away the laundry that's been hanging dry in my living room for a week. and so of course the next day i'm an exhaustion zombie, and swear even harder that reasonable bedtimes will be achieved, only to have it all turn to ashes at midnight. seriously, i need someone to come over to my house every evening and forcibly put me to bed. why do i only ever seem to want to do chores in the middle of the night? seriously, morning me HATES evening me so, so much. if only i could switch them: all morning me wants to do is sleep, while all evening me wants to do is futz around on the internet and, apparently, clean. man, if i could bottle self-sabotage (and other people for some reason wanted to buy it) i'd never have to work again.
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i hate giving presentations.
i get nervous, and flaily, and flustered, and lose track of what i'm saying and feel like a fool.
ugh. and it's not like it's only my project that i've spent the last three years of my life on or anything, and am pretty much an expert on or anything.
one day i will be well adjusted, i swear.
on the plus side, conference = sort of vacation and half an hour more sleep than usual...if i can fall asleep tonight. at least i'm on the first day, which means i can enjoy the dinner tomorrow night stressfree.
back to the salt mines.