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big experiment day tomorrow, so of course, like any normal person i've gone to bed at a reasonable hour.
except oh wait no, i'm a crazy fool and it's nearly 1am. well, at least i didn't wake up at 5am this morning in order to catch my flight back to Montréal.
except oh wait no, that's exactly what i did and had to sit squished in the middle between a very excited child and a man who blatantly stole my elbow rest. well, at least i'm not feeling somewhat under the weather.
except oh...wait...no, my sister managed to infect me with her cold while i was visiting the parentals, so in addition to the usual constant state of being frozen both indoors and out, my throat hates me and i'm congested.
boo hiss.
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did my volunteer bike deliveries today; about ten minutes in it started to bucket down rain in a serious, ladies and gentlemen start building your arks, sort of way. i was soaked down to my skin within the first three or so minutes. on the one hand, at least i wasn't dying of heat-stroke like last week, and after a few minutes it's not like i could be an more drenched. on the other hand, i think my clothes gained ten pounds in water, and it's not my ideal to have rain water that's washed the roads pouring down my back, and also everyone starts driving like they fell on their heads before they got in the car. ah well, i'm home, showered, mostly dry, and not run over. i'm a creature of simple pleasures after all...
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the weather, she is warm.
today was the first day i left for work wearing no scarf, hat, sweater, jacket, socks, or gloves (obviously, i haven't been wearing the whole shebang everyday since winter started to wane, but elements have always been present).
i'm finally not cold for more-or-less the first time since last september. wooo!
i'm too warm!
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it's sunny and warm, today.
yesterday, when i had to do meals-on-wheels bike delivery it was pissing rain.
but today it is sunny and warm.
thanks for that. really, thanks.